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Humidifier printing workshop XH-9000 On Sale

Humidifier printing workshop XH-9000 On Sale

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  OPV
  • Model Number:  XH-9000

XH - 9000 centrifugal atomizationhumidifier

Working principle of the centrifugal humidifier:
Centrifugal atomizing humidifying machine is the pump will be sent to jilt plate of the water in the water tank through the jet way to tap water processing into 5-10 microns utrasmall particle. Motor high speed rotation will play in strong throw the water spray tray, again into the air blowing through particles in the air and the water heat exchange, to achieve the purpose of air humidification and cooling. And part of the larger particles, inadequate water fog through the drain back to the water tank, form a loop, so as to achieve the goal of water saving.Centrifugal atomizing humidifying machine can be suspended, wall installs, buildings, etc. Do not take up the work place.
Safe and reliable, high life., lack of self protection
The host and the use of similar performance with the hand push movable, the difference is increased automatically rotate 120 degrees and since
Water cycle system, make the humidifier humidification range is bigger, more uniform, reasonable design of water circulation system makes atomizer backwater
Fully recycled and will not make it fall on the ground. The installation is simple, convenient, boot just by turning on the power supply is used, without the other
Power. The most suitable for cotton spinning, wool spinning, hemp products, cigarettes and agricultural large area of the workplace

  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  OPV
  • Model Number:  XH-9000
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